5 Ct Lab Created Ruby Necklace 10x8mm Oval Sterling Silver 20 inches

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5 Carat 20 Inch Lab Created Ruby Necklace

Gemstone Species:  Ruby
Type:  Lab Created - Synthetic Corundum
Gemstone Size:  10x8mm
Cut:  Faceted Oval
Gemstone Carat Weight:  5 CTW

Lab Grade by NJS:  AA-AAA
Color 1:  Medium to Deep Reds
Color 2:  Slight Pinks / Purples
Color Notes: Much redder in person

Larger Ruby Necklace:  Remember 25.40mm to 1 Inch
Chain Length:  20 Inches
Chain Type:  3.2mm Oval Cable
Clasp:  Lobster

Metals:  Solid Sterling Silver
Suggested Gender:  Women's
Protected with Ranaisance Wax for Tarnish Protection

We tried to give a nice photo display but photos do not give justice to this stone. It truly is a nice stone in person.  And we have seen many! And it is much redder in person.  it really is a beautiful specimen and have made one for ourselves!

We grade most lab rubies around AA and rarely to the point of AAA.  We however grade this Ruby as AA-AAA.  Due to the amazing reds it has in person, it could easily pass muster at AAA.  And for good reason; this is a very nice lab created ruby with very slight presence of pinks and even purples which many seem to have.  The only thing that differentiates this Ruby from a natural ruby is that it is too nice internally.  Otherwise it would easily pass for a natual ruby.

Many rubies today are filled with lead glass or otherwise as they are prone to not only fracturing but heavy inclusions as well. For this reason, we do not use such stones in jewelry; particularly rings.  Lead glass rubies in particular as one can easily ruin them.  See our Blog Article pertaining to this matter.   Avoid Lead Glass filled Rubies in your Jewelry, particularly rings (opens in new window).   Do not be taken for a ride when it comes to many rubies on the market today; unless they are natual; you surely do not want to use many in rings.  And it is very common today; many will be glass filled. 

Some say this is okay of course; and many will buy them, but you really do need to be aware how simple issues can create many problems for them.  Though vendors may not disclose these facts; you really do need to be aware of what you are buying.  Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and other Marketplaces are full of them today.  So be careful and please take a moment to educate yourself with our Blog Post. 

In terms of testing this ruby would test with similar properties as natural rubies would. Again, the only thing that differentiates this Ruby from a natural ruby is that it is too nice internally.  Otherwise it would easily pass for a natual ruby.

We have seen and used many lab created rubies in our time and this stone is quite nice. Unfortunately supplies are currently limited.

In comparisson, a natural Ruby of this size and quality would be into the 10s of thousands; and due to its internal beauty; would be a rare one indeed. 

There is no special care needed for this stone.  Read the blog article and you will see this is certainly not the case with lead glass or others.   Be proactive and stay safe!  And above all else; buy smart!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review