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We are Jewelers, Gem Dealers, and Collectors of Stamps and Coins
        Jewelry products you see on this site may be handmade by Not Just Stones.; and display the Brand: Handmade by NJS.  If you have a special request, want to design a piece or otherwise, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you. 

        Keeping up with our belief that Diamond and Gemstone synthetics are a better idea for the environment, we will use them for products.

        Not Just Stones has been, since 2011; an Authorized Distributing Jeweler with larger manufacturers as well including Stuller. Not Just Stones is also listed with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a distributor of GIA graded Diamonds and Gemstones.  GIA is the world's foremost authority where it comes to grading diamonds. See the link to receive quotes on products here

        Founders of Not Just Stones are currently involved with other business matters; as well with GIA Education. The President as well having passed 3 of 4 required Gemological testing toward certificate with the International Gem Society (IGS). Though not as well known as the GIA, IGS hosts benefactors whom are PhD, as well as contributors with GIA and other Certified Gemological training. Even so other education has also been obtained by other means.  

        Owner's Wayne, although growing up Dyslexic in Special Education, has been employed in various fields including running a Global Accounting Business Since 1994, with clients in 6 countries which include multinational and other corporation's; as well as having been employed as an Assistant mathematician developing PhD level texts in high-energy Physics.  And Registered as a Print Broker as well.

        Previous education, though not always related to gemology per say; most assuredly helps where gemstones are concerned; understanding their overall optical and chemical properties where it may come to determining if they are synthetics and otherwise. He has also been to over 20 years of university and other studies beyond high school, including having studied business and other matters at U.C. Berkeley and otherwise.   

        Professional wise he has been nominated as a Who Who by chambers of commerce as well as having drafted legal cases assisting individuals without cost; resulting in voiding or changes to multiple laws and statutes including Civil Rights.  It should be noted that he has also studied law as well.

Gemstone & Diamond Grading Systems
Ethics in Grading - Systems Used
AGTA - GIA primarily

        When it comes to grading, to give visitors best possible information; we generally rely on the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) where it comes to Diamonds, as well as the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) for Colored Gemstones who is known to be the foremost authority on colored stones; whereas the GIA; is the foremost authority on Diamonds.  Using both of of these systems, gives one a good indication of truth in grading where it comes to gemology. 

        We may also rely on other systems where we feel it is necessary; perhaps where it may come to stones like Emeralds  Even so, in all cases, we disclose the grading system we are using as no two, though many are similar; are the same!  Though using a combination of both AGTA and GIA it does provide a good system!   It should be noted that under many systems, various differences do most definitely apply. For example the grading system under one system, such as grading an Emerald, may not reach the same levels.  In example, an Emerald considered a Type 3 Gemstone, even at VVS levels, the highest levels you can reach for Emeralds, would barely reach the SI levels on the GIA diamond scales.  Which is many factors below VVS on the same.  Even so other systems, may not also give you a true idea of what exactly it is you will see.  And may be in conflict so to solve this problem we do use the systems noted and if others note them.

When it comes to some stones, we may also grade as A-AAA with AAA being the best. We do not ever use AAA+ or AAAA etc. and feel like with grading of pearls, this is unethical. Though may will note AAAAA 5a's we generally are not going to deal with such vendors. And make it a point not to. 

        We will not grade beyond what we believe in. So we act conservatively.  If we feel it could move to an AA level or even to AAA, we will generally note AA-AAA which is just our way of saying it may for many reach the AAA levels but for certain factors, which we will note, we do not tag it AAA.  Which we only reserve for the best stones.  We may also use AA+ or A+ but that is to say of the same gemstone type, it is a nice stone, Jewelry grade and better than average but not so great?  But it's not so bad either.  

        Again, we give reference on matters as well where we feel they will be of assistance. And disclose all known or suspected known treatments that we know of or have reason to suspect. This is not always so simple but we do this based on quite a few years of buying gemstones as well.  A field which we have been in for over 20+ years; though as collectors.  You can be sure we do not over belch products. 

If we think it is more to a certain color we note it.  As in looks more Red in person.  Looks more pale etc.  We give our visitors truth - not hyped up garbage to just sell it.  We may lose the sale and that is okay too but we do not flounder on ethics.  People must know what they are buying to protect it from damage and otherwise. 

        Anything else to us is unacceptable; loss of a sale or not.  We do not spin facts for sake of a sale.  Much like grading 5 A, a top rated pearl, with nice nacre near round is still a high grade pearl of upper crest with near round qualities grading it AAAAA is much the same as saying my pearl is far better than yours; again, this is ethics. And others may do it and do; but we will not.  A near round Tahitian or South Sea Golden with nice nacre is still a near round Tahitian or South Sea Golden with nice nacre.  AAA or AAAAA or AAA+.

        As we are also collectors you can be sure we don't spin it.   Many do.  You should avoid those who "puff," to sell products.  You may be very disappointed if not. 

Quality and Elegance you can count on!