Arusha Tanzania Africa - a Government Stuck in the Stonehenge

Posted by Not Just Stones on Oct 29th 2020

Arusha Tanzania Africa - a Government Stuck in the Stonehenge

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        To add a mention, we have no hostility for Africa, her people's, or her Governments. And particularly not against Arusha. A city where we have friends living.  However, we do believe that ecosystems must be protected and the Serengeti Mara Squeeze is an important system for not only Arusha but her people's and their way of life. Hereinafter we merely refer to it as the Serengeti Squeeze or the Squeeze. 

        As a saying of ours goes; "we love Africa and are intent on protecting her." so it should not come across as odd with this Blog post.  This post deals with primary issues relating to what is known as the Serengeti Mara Squeeze. We won't talk much about the underlying currents of the Squeeze itself here, we just point why the Arushan City Government and Planners are seemingly stuck in the Stonehenge; or at very least, should review the issues that the Arushan Masterplan 2035 may have originally overlooked.

        It should be noted that this Masterplan was approved in 2017 and land is currently being set aside for industry which was set aside, subsequent to the Squeeze report being put out in 2019.  The Arusha Masterplan participants may not have been aware of issues relating to the Squeeze in 2017. Though this is a study that took much time to complete and looked at data over the course of 40 years.  For this reason, t is likely they may have been aware of the implications, yet paid little mind, at the time the plan was approved. 

        Having been involved as an Assistant Mathematician, developing PhD textbooks in high-energy physics, it may very well be, that I may understand the Squeeze a bit better than perhaps some in the Arushan or Tanzanian Governments. And to say they do not, or the Tanzanian Government, does not know of it, is to believe that we are all living in a supposed, white-washed, green fantasy city of the future.  Of course, they can't say we don't know about the Squeeze. We have noted it to them and I'm sure others have as well. However, that does not seem to stop them from going ahead with the Masterplan and setting aside land in the process.  If that is true, which certainly seems to be the case, then there may only be one obvious reason why they would still move forward with the plan; they care more about profit than they do about the environment or animals; much less people.

We take a moment to note the post. Arusha City Masterplan 2035. See:

        One should understand that there are problems with recent herd migration. When we say herds, we primarily refer to the Zebra, Gazelle and of course the infamous Wildebeest. We are aware that the African Government across all of Africa, have noted, in relation to the Squeeze report, 
that they are trying to solve the migration issues, and are working with the whole of Africa to do so. As well as Universities such as Penn State in the US.  Kenya & Tanzania being the high points. Arusha being in Tanzania – not just dead center middle ground for the migrating herds. But immediately bordering the protected Squeeze impacted areas. Bordering areas that are impacting the squeeze. 

        Arusha, which is directly adjacent to areas affected by the Squeeze, visualizes in their plan, to moving their city to 1-1.5 million people by 2035 and at least 2m or more by 2050 by some sources. All a green plan as they like to point out. As noted, this plan was approved in 2017.  And Arusha has been setting aside land for industry. See Arusha Sets aside 806 more acres of land for new industries

        They state on the ad for the plan that it is a green plan; yet in doing so, they are obviously promoting; more tourism, people, use of fossil fuels (cars, trucks, airplanes), domestic animals, industry and otherwise, all of which may impact the Squeeze area.  And, all joking aside, the only thing the plan is pushing, if one knows about the Serengeti Mara Squeeze, is assisting in the outright destruction of the Serengeti herds and their way of life.  And the people whom live there as well.  In the end, the only green thing about this plan is the TZD (Tanzania Dollars) it will bring in from industry and increased populations.  At least for the Arusha, the Tanzanian Government and those who are backing it; including merchants and industrial concerns. We cannot forget about industrial concerns; where would ecosystem failures be without our green-friendly industrialists? 

            The plan focuses after all, on green beaning the planet. And supposedly they care deeply about what is happening to the wildebeest Zebra and Gazelle populations. They are the largest game reserves around and as a City they really do care. Yet they make no known note of the Squeeze that we are aware of; after the Squeeze was reported, all in their hyper-inflated ideologies and green city plans.  Adding to the land set aside they make no note of it as well. To that end, there is doubt as to whether this green plan really is about protecting the environment.  I should note that some people I have met also in Arusha are more concerned with bringing in revenue than they are about environmental concerns. Of course, Arusha would have to properly understand the Squeeze first. The same holds true for the Tanzania Government. 

        Real plan facts would be they want more tourists and more construction. Generating more revenue. And there is one other simple fact going on here beneath the ground or at least underground. Tanzanite mining is no different than any other “ethically "dirty mine. Not much different than another mine. in the area There is no green to it at all. And Arusha is dead center for that production as well as other mines in the area. But of course, they are environmentalists who care about green cities and wildlife protections. To that end, it may be the primary reason for the fall of the Tanzanian green dream and destruction of Arusha's lofty "master" plan.  Perhaps they get their environmental information from China.  Surely a country who is very much involved with Africa today.  And one who "cares" much about ecosystems. This is easily seen with all the contaminated land in china. Much like Arusha, they are environmentalists after all. 

As we note with another blog Post:
Coming storms, driving truth & transparency for Jewelers & Miners.

        True facts are that lab created Tanzanite's among other stones coming out of Africa, are getting better. Near impossible to tell in many cases. And this holds particularly true for lab diamonds.  See above blog link.  As such natural Tanzanite and other mining will be, and is being heavily impacted, and perhaps will be gone in time. Disrupting mining in Africa, will impact way of lives. But in the end, change is imminent. Technological advances can only be pushed aside for so long before "true" green footholds take precedence in gemstone and diamond areas. 

        Consumers are not negated. And consumers do not have to deal with anything but green technology. Consumers care for animals; and they care about rain forests. They care if the African government does not take steps to prevent outright destruction of the ecosystem. They care for a good reason. The African people depend on it. The ones who are not involved in the mining or this green plan, account for far more population than those that are. Their livelihoods are at stake. And perhaps the whole of the African Government who most definitely knows of the Squeeze, are not communicating with Arusha, or they just care more about TZD and the generation of revenue and taxes. Again, we made note and others from Penn State University will probably have as well.

        Consumers can, will and do close mines. And technology as noted, leads the way. It is 2020, global warming and problems are a real thing and particularly in Africa. Squeezes in ecosystems destroy soils and necessary micro-level organisms for sustaining not only animal life but African populations. Not just plant and animal; but humans as well. They have grave impact on it. The squeeze report points this out. It is an immediate dire problem. And the whole of the African governments knows this as well. Perhaps Arusha did not get the memos. Either way, the point is simple, this Squeeze will most likely be the death of the plan. Let us hope so anyway. At least for those living in the Squeeze related areas. 

        Mining creates problems with Global warming. It impacts the environment as noted, make no bluff to the point; consumers in time will put Tanzanite sales in the dog house as well as all of natural gemstone and diamond mining with advances in synthetics and other green technology.  When China and other manufactures; move to perfect it, and they will, gemstone and diamond mining will be heavily impacted. Tanzanite's are beautiful, but like other gemstones being mined in Tanzania, they are not green mining stones. And this is the whole point. And when this happens, China or others, will move Arusha suppliers out of their own country; too look at natural stones all day long while market share for natural stones tumble and kill prices with better lab stones. Stones that are not also involved in creating problems with ecosystems. 

        When it comes to the world and the environment, the herd is more important than the animals that lay in the path to improvement. In this case, lofty dreams of miners, government and disassociated humans who can't, as the saying goes, “see the forest through the trees;” as the herds move in and destroy their dreams perhaps then will they see the trees. Labs. Synthetics. Processes – science lovers like me, in Physics. They will perfect it. And I know Scientists well. Once they get their teeth into something; they will and do not stop as it is formulated on "logic" and nothing but. Not just a fantasy city of the future. Or the ideology that TZD is the most important thing when it comes to building supposed green cities. 

        The herd and the trains supported by science, keep building more steam. And people must decide. As pointed out in our article, they will be hard decisions for some; such matters make it troublesome to be moving on; but it is imminent. Main stream mining and how it is done or not in times ahead will be affected. And is being affected. In the end, it is better to see the clear road ahead and take steps to circumvent issues; than to be taken to the earths end and find out that it's really not flat at all. And one is not actually going to fall off. 

        The Primary point the Squeeze points out; that Arusha may be negated on, relates to Less population, means less carbon emission; less substrate particles; fewer fossil fuels; and greener greens.   And less mining will definitely work for the environment and the whole of Africa, her animals and populations. That is the whole idea of being green and caring. And not just about the collection of TZD or being able to relate to the world that we are a city of the future. As noted, there is nothing green about the Arusha Masterplan in the end which surely increases issues where the Squeeze is concerned.  And not once did they mention, that we are aware of, issues with the Squeeze.  Particularly when it comes to matters that relate to setting aside new land for this plan. This leads one to believe that they are either negated; or they are more concerned about TZD it will bring in.  And this is most likely the real issue going on here; as it may be similar matters. 

        In one aspect, Arusha is lucky they have large herds of animal populations that travel through their sector for tourists to view on safari, and the presence of Mt. Kilimanjaro as well.  This is true, as when mainstream mining takes the hits, which surely, they will in time with the new synthetics hitting markets; without these, Arusha may not exist at all. Take away Kilimanjaro and the Tanzanite deposits which are quickly being depleted, as well as other gemstones in Tanzania and the whole of Africa, diamonds included; and it is most likely Arusha would not be the city they are today. 

        Either road taken, In the end, with the advancement of technology, leads back to green roads.  As green as a fried green tomato sandwich at a Louisiana fish fry!   Many people involved in the diamond and gemstone fields; want to believe many things and thus related forever fantasies, though certainly negated, survive...for now! And when it all comes to head; they will have chosen their own destiny.  As will Arusha and other nations in Africa. Yet it may be prevented.

        Smart are the ones whom see the future and take corrective measures before it's too late. And there is little doubt; synthetics are here to stay and consumers will decide the future. Not overzealous miners nor governments forever stuck in the Stonehenge; living in cities of the future, with lofty, yet grandiose, dreams that it will forever remain the same.  And for now, that may be so.  But the high winds are approaching fast. 

        Create problems with herd migration and Arusha will lose valuable revenue from tourists.  There is no rainbow in the end for Arusha or Tanzania in general, if that happens. Mainstream mining will be affected in times ahead and it is better to keep other commodities when that happens. Disrupting the ecosystem and herd migrations in the end, may result in grave impacts on Arusha's survival if not.  Either way lofty dreams, ill conceived; like ill-constructed buildings can only survive for so long.  Arusha should consider these facts carefully. 

        Even now many larger retailers are moving more into lab stones.  And we are also to promote them. And consumers caring as they do about the environment and global warming; are seeing why it is important to do away with old ideologies that diamonds are forever.  Investing in a better future for the earth's populations; and future generations, certainly seems sensible.  And compassionate.  And if one does not resonate the same; the Creation will create barriers; roadblocks. and when that happens; much like with lab gemstones and diamonds; one will either see the forest through the trees, or wander aimlessly without place to call home.   The future of Tanzania and Arusha may be at stake. 

Thank you!