Coming storms, driving truth & transparency for Jewelers & Miners.

Posted by Not Just Stones on Oct 29th 2020

Coming storms, driving truth & transparency for Jewelers & Miners.

"The Short-term Gain is not worth the Long-term Consequences."

Synopsis:     Synthetics will create, are creating problems for mainstream mining. Even now companies like Blue Nile according to Rapaport are announcing the selling of Lab Diamonds. Far better choices for the environment. Diamond and natural gemstones in time will be heavily impacted to the point that many mines will be shuttered. It is better to take proactive steps than to be stuck on the ideology that this will not come to head. Larger manufacturers and Jeweler's must consider the impacts to society and provide resources where consumers may have a large impact. This is a large area where Global Warming is concerned. there is no green-mine, they are all ethically-dirty. There is cost on lives and corruption is rampant in many areas. Statistics show even today that consumers are turning more to environmentally friendly stones. Stones that have little impact on ecosystems or the earth in general and very much comprised of the same materials that natural stones are. 

        We are very conscientious about environment; not just in our immediate hemisphere. And more so that we deal in the Gemstone and Jewelry trades; which can have a large impact on it. For this reason, we believe that everyone must do what they can to work toward a better place for all to live. And with this reasoning in mind, we seek to offer, where possible, items that are related to this position. And this holds especially true when we make them. This includes gemstones and diamonds; both Synthetics that may be grown in a Laboratory, and others that are Simulated. So doing we are aware of the way the world is changing. Many people are becoming more concerned about the ever changing environment and seeking out ways to make a difference. 

         More and more people, as the days go by; are turning to Lab Created Gemstones. And for good reasons. Not only do they contain nearly the same identical properties, as would a natural counterpart, but they are environmentally friendly. In many ways these lab stones are very difficult to tell apart from natural stones. Even by experienced jewelers; gone is the day that one could tell the new Lab Created Diamonds apart by merely looking at it with a 10x loupe. They have advanced and are advancing quickly to the point that many of the newest labs today would require in-depth gemological laboratory equipment.

         It has been stated, on this subject, that most Jeweler's do not have the equipment necessary to spot the newest lab created diamonds. Which are 1. Very expensive and 2. Just not something most Jeweler's may be able to afford. Even so, there are many other tests beyond that norm that need to be conducted; that are needed in the process.

         As to these mentions; today one can find stones that have actual carbon inclusions in them. Grown in them. The same as any natural diamond would. And for that matter would test much like a diamond on most equipment. The process is ever increasing but has grown by leaps and bounds and becoming industry wide.

         We believe in time, that due to changing environmental conditions; and people becoming more aware of how mining affects not only the world but the miners themselves; many whom are not rich; that Natural gemstones will be overrun by Synthetics due to costs that natural mining has on the environment. And to people's lives. Many miners may not relate but statistically people are choosing labs over natural in this world. And for one other reason; they are also less expensive.

         People are more conscientious in today' world and the more so when it comes to choosing products that have grave impacts on the environment. Gemstone and Diamond mining surely has an impact on this and the lives of miners as well. One would be a fool to deny this. And even so, it continues.

         Many gemstones still have some ways to go yet for being nice Synthetics though; such as Emeralds for example, or even Rubies. There is still much that may need to be done on this area. Particularly if one knows Rubies and Emeralds like we do. Lab or not, we generally can tell the difference without the testing. The same holds true for others. So the Gemstone industries where labs are concerned do have work to do. Yet they are, rapidly advancing as technologies advance.

         Even today many lab stones, though not to the point of being what we might see to the point of some of the newest lab diamonds; are not that bad. And difficult to tell apart from natural stones. Even so, of course a more experienced Jeweler or someone who may have education in Gemology like I do, may see the difference and be able to use Refractometer's and otherwise to tell the difference; or other gemological tools; but then again, Jeweler's are not the only one's wearing or buying the gemstones and Jewelry?

         Though of course many would want to stay where they are. Pushing the higher priced natural stones of course as they generally will make more money at it. But the real truth; much like Engagement Rings, the average size of an Engagement Ring is supposedly touted online as between 1.2 and 1.8 carats and very few extend above the 2 carat marks. A fact that many in the Jewelry industry may not appreciate noting. Even so, this is not to say the Center Stone is not 1.2-1.8 carats. If the average Millennial is spending around $3,000 or more on it, they are not getting a nice center for that amount. Diamonds increase exponentially above the carat mark though they generally stay pretty cheap below the 1 carat levels.

         So the average center stone is generally not going to be that large. In truth not long ago, during around 2010 or so I spoke with a Diamond Dealer who had been working in this field for many years; a client of mine in another business. And looking at their books I could see of course what most were buying and it was far from 1 carat for centers. The average was not more than around ¼ and in many cases, even around 1/8 of a carat. Of course you do need to consider the baguettes and sides stones. And smaller accents such as stone surrounding a halo styles. These are generally not very large and relatively cheap for vendors. Of course they are generally of better quality at times but in many cases, they are toward the SI levels which is common.

         When it comes to such stones as straight baguettes, or say trapezoidal diamonds, these generally do have to be of better quality as imperfections show up like a sore thumb due to the cut. The same holds true for such stones like Emerald and Princess cuts. Though not as much. But certainly baguette cuts and others, will definitely generally be of VS quality or even better.

         If you take the same diamonds however, and put them in center stones, VS and better grades will not be cheap. As noted they will increase and do exponentially and particularly to better coloring levels such as DEF. Many are commonly around these areas for Engagement rings as people want to get the best diamond for the money yet still save on the funds. So they get smaller.

         Even so, it does make sense as people want to have the nicest. And according to Debeers and other vendors, or Miners, they are after all Girls best friend. But they certainly are not the earths best friend.

         So how do you get away from this hype. Well let's give an example of the following chart:

        Looking at this chart you can see the faint yellow at the lower levels say JKLMNO. Though you do not see them at the DEFGHI ones. Even so this is looking it from the point of unset? That means the yellows are more prominent. However in setting this will not be the case particularly set in yellow gold settings.

        The human eye cannot really see the yellow down to the levels of JKLMNO unless it is next to say to a stone that has better color. Say a DEF then of course you will see the faint yellow. Maybe. This is why Jeweler's use what are known as Master Kits which are generally just Cubic Zirconia but very white Cubic. And very nice Cubic. These kits are used for displaying a single unset unmounted diamond to say a customer. Of course using a CZ master kit, placing a DEF next to it will look near colorless white. Place a GHIJKLMNO next to it and you're bound to see the yellow.

         Well we can't have that in the ring. But you might want to consider it first. Once placed in a Yellow setting you have 58 facets radiating all that yellow gold. So tell me will you see the faint yellow in the JKL levels – if you do it's probably just a piece of dust in your eye. Without such masters, it is very difficult to see these colors in other words; let along when they are set. This is perhaps what you may think of. Put it next to a yellow gold ring see what you see then. Take it into the sun. The point is simple choosing such diamonds below GHI levels are far cheaper than the others. And what's more you get more diamond for your money?

         It may be true that some people believe that Diamonds are forever, 0r the same may be true with the case of gemstones; however, be that as it may, with today's manufacturing and advances in the fields, it is near impossible many times to tell the difference today between lab created and natural stones. And many are being sold as natural on Ebay. We have purchased them.

         I knew they were when I got them and I was thinking, you know both these stones are the same. No internal flaws; nothing. Even at the 50 and further levels. Heck at 10x it's considered flawless. But even looking at the 75x with the Microscope shows next to nothing. And it's only advancing. For this reason, people look to matters which reflect that outcome and as noted, in time, natural mining and extraction of both diamonds and gemstones will be at an all time low. And with environmental concerns taking center Stage, this is going to become a reality and is. Though miners may want to deny.

         This is good for the environment and in the natural environment we must care about what is being done. And particularly in the areas that we are involved. Of course we still deal with natural stones as some will buy them but in time many will be replaced by synthetics that one would have a hell of a time telling apart. I read a report I believe it came from a large diamond organization, that stated at that time with the new lab diamonds, that up to and more than 85% of all Jeweler's do not have the proper equipment to tell the difference between the newest labs and the real product. This is not something Debeers and others want to hear.

         Some may not like the comments posted; but the world changes and with the advancement of new techniques and science, and processes, who is to say that what you are buying is indeed truly natural? Who is to say that even those large finds that are touted and being sold are really natural where it comes to natural? And without the proper tests going on with GIA and others; do you really get the real truth. Some labs must undergo extensive testing to be shown as labs. Simple tests are out of the question. Are you willing to pay for those tests. So you have a gem card.

         I have some of them from labs and I know from testing they are not what they say they are. How do I know because I received stones from different vendors and they may as well be twins. It should be noted that they are not from the GIA or other more recognized labs, Yet they both have lab reports. Fancy little business card sizes that one can get for less than 100.00. But that does not mean the ones I was provided; went through the whole gambit of necessary tests. There is the key. And if you do want to test all stones in that ring; you are looking at spending money. Do you want to spend a few hundred on a thousand dollar piece to ensure that even the smallest diamonds are real?

         And for that matter, to grade an entire piece, to appraise it, it's not ethical to grade it in a setting. Settings hide things. All jewelers know that one. Yet it is perfectly acceptable to appraise in most cases the Jewelry. Of course it is it's a multi-billion dollar business. The point is simple don't be a sucker. As PT Barnum noted, there is one born every minute and two to take them

        This is the first thing we must look at. Do we need an in-depth costly report to say yes, this is real? Who wants to spend the money; and why should it matter anyway? When Synthetics are advancing as they do; as noted, in time people will be looking to the question; what; a natural Diamond; hell I thought this was one? And without proper testing you may as well not take it a Jeweler because with the newest labs now, with carbon and made of the same; they will most likely not have the equipment to test them anyway. And so now you say I want to buy a $500.00 ring with side accents and I want a full report that it is real on it. Spend 500 on the report and you can have one. But you still want it for $500. Not going to happen. This is what it comes down to. Without the in-depth report even the Jeweler selling it to you may not know.

        Best bets only deal with sellers who buy from larger dealers. Or ones that deal with Jewelers like we do, such as our relationship with Stuller. At least you can trust our products. Stuller is the No. 1 US manufacturer of fine jewelry for over 50 years and deals strictly with reputable dealers. And what's more has trained professional gemologist and jewelers on staff. If you are looking to buy products, use this Stuller - Not Just Stones Jewelry Showcase.  Submit a Quote and we can get back with you for discounts and terms. Keep in mind you must be an authorized distributing Jeweler like Not Just Stones is to purchase from Stuller. Not Just Stones has been since 2011 as well as a reseller of GIA Retailer Look up graded gemstones and diamonds.

       .  Either way, if you are still concerned, stick to lab diamonds. And though many may say they are not natural there is much controversy in this area. Many say they are natural as they are made with carbon. And they do have valid points; and of course they are cheaper and will become more so as time goes on. You may even buy Lab Certified Synthetic Lab Diamonds with the above link as well as other products (3 million+). You may also custom design your own.

         The same holds true for larger retail and retail in general; gone are the great malls of yesteryear. The internet replacing the malls for online shopping and now we have a real issue with people who contend to give you a square deal and yet they fail to disclose proper information. The proper information is simple. Labs are not a joke anymore. And lab testing that is not in-depth may not be right. Or from less than reputable labs. .Stick with GIA and others, you can't go wrong.  Oh many may contend they selling the real deals; but if you would believe that you are of the PT Barnum bunch.

        Many want to believe it is not a catching thing for them but in the end, the facts are clear; if you do not advance with society and change, you are stuck in Stonehenge, wondering why competitor B on the other side of the planet is putting you out of business or others who are continuously on the move; like us, Not Just Stones, to kick it's competitors to the roadside. Ethics are important. Most vendors relate that but many are lacking.

        Gone are the days and in due time, gone are the facts that a Natural diamond or Gemstones, are forever. Natural, I bought one; no you bought a Lab; well it was cheap and it was made of Carbon. Natural most certainly does have great impact on the environment and in today's world we must look to creating a healthier planet for all; not just the ones who believe that change is not eminent. Surely it will come; and it is coming. And we are moving with it. Truth be known when it comes to Diamonds; Debeers is most likely in the lab business as well. In the end, this business will change; is changing. And if you are not on the truck we are going to run you over! That may sound harsh but the Jewelry fields depends on truth and transparency as Martin Rapaport noted. And perhaps it is just words on paper to some, and is; but we apply them.

         If we note otherwise; we are not providing our customers and others the truth. As I say in business, “The short-term gain, is not worth the long-term consequences.” and particularly as it pertains to the Jewelry, Diamond and gemstone fields. And most will be run over when consumers catch up! When labs catch up, particularly to Rubies and Emeralds; then we will see real competition. Debeers and others are know this. And though many may not want to see this, or admit it,; including gemstone dealers; as we have been in the past; the winds of change, are  ever blowing. And when consumers are “properly” educated as Martin Rapaport spoke on; with truth and transparency in consumerism; they will move to the side of the Synthetics; the new in. Or move out!

         No offense to any, but many are about Truth and transparency the same as it may relate to "it's my own version of the truth." As one sees it . As noted, “The short-term gain, is not worth the long-term consequences.”  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed -  Storms are coming!   You either take cover or get run over.  It's that simple. By the ever increasing environmentally conscious, Consumerism crowd.  Truth in capitalism is the driving force for those on the train.  Like a wildebeest herd in the Serengeti, it's best to just move out of the way!    Led and prompted by Chinese Bullet Trains.

Thank you