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Photo Sample Natural Diamond  - Subject to Copyright!

 4.22 Ct VS2 Natural White Diamond with Grading Report

How to Receive a Quote*

Choose the Diamond, Stuller® Branded Serialized Diamonds have more benefits for Purchasing though selection may be limited . They Include along with the Report, Laser Inscription and a 1-year Loss Protection Warranty at no additional cost.  Add it to your Quote, you will see a Window, click on the Serial Number that you see at the Top of the Window to find a setting for the Diamond. (Ring, Pendant, etc.). (Mobile User click on the Box at the bottom). After adding your stone to a mounting (if applicable, and making all necessary changes to your order) once you are happy, add to your quote. Review your Quote. If you are happy with it, click submit and provide valid contact information.  Once we receive the Quote, we will contact you.

Reports, Insurance, & Laser Inscription

1. All Certified Diamonds (Serialized) using this search, come with a Grading Report from an industry respected source. 2. Stuller® Branded Serialized Diamonds, includes a laser inscribed number on the Girdle of the Diamond to protect it against theft.  You may purchase it on others by special request. 3. Stuller® Branded Serialized Diamonds come with a 1-Year Loss-Protection Warranty. You may purchase it on others by special request (insurance must be activated for the diamond after you receive it; and unless noted, independently offered though Gemsheld®).

* Terms:  Quoted Items including Diamonds, Jewelry, Gemstones, Metal and otherwise, unless noted on the approved quote, are subject to Not Just Stones Returns Policies including other applicable provisions of our store policies.  Shipping, handling and insurance, if any, will be calculated after we review the quote as well as any other applicable discounts that may apply. Setting any gemstone or diamonds will make the order a Custom Order and may not be returned.  Choosing any size except an approximate standard or stock size will make the item a custom order as well as adding finish, engraving or otherwise.  Custom orders may not be returned. Customer may have the gemstones certified but it will make the order a custom order and may not be returned. Some items are made to order and custom made and may not be returned. No cancellations after payment is made.

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