"Don't purchase tickets on a bad ride!"

Many dealers and sellers of gemstones, minerals, Jewelry and other similar products, even collectibles, will take you to the cleaners, not relating necessary education & relevant facts that you need to make an informed buying decision.  No this is not just why ... it is about you knowing facts so that yo can care for the products that you buy.  To keep them looking as nice as the day you bought them. This is what ethical disclosures are all about.  

Some will state that "legally" they do not have to; while others will state, well I did disclose what I knew. Sounds logical but in many cases, retailers, and sellers, will not disclose it all as it would have influenced your decision far more.  And many are like this. It is common in this field. Educate yourself and stay off the ride!   It can be expensive and disparaging.  

Not Just Stones believes in the future; not just for the sake of the sale and the founders of this Company have come up with a motto that they live by adopted by another venture they are involved with for over 25 years.  "The short-term gain is not worth the long term consequences."  Not just in Jewelry and Gemstones but this can be applied to any type of endeavor.  Much less to any type of transaction involving deceitful humans. 

It comes down to one thing, ethics should not be put in jeopardy merely for the sake of a sale?  Too bad we can't convince many other vendors and dealers to look at it the same?  This is the reason that we choose to do business with companies like Stuller (Not Just Stones is an Authorized Distributing Jeweler), GIA, (Not Just Stones is listed with GIA as a reseller of GIA graded Diamonds & Gemstones) and a handful of others. They relate known facts.  They know that not doing so will eventually bite them.