Gold beads for Jewelry making. Drilled & Undrilled

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Gold Beads for Jewelry Making
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Drilled and Undrilled Gold Beads

Choose the Beads you want,  Add beadds and any other items to your quote and send us the Quote and provide valid contact information.  Once we receive the Quote, we will contact you.

* Quoted Items that fall under bead or other listed categories are generally subject to the quote, and/or our Not Just Stones Returns Policies including those noted under our 20 and 30 day returns as well as other applicable provisions of our policies. 

Shipping, handling and insurance, if any, will be calculated after we review the quote as well as any other applicable discounts.  Beads  generally fall under our 30 day return limits. Setting any gemstone, beads or diamonds into products; will generally make the order a Custom Order and may not be returned in that case.  Custom orders may not also be returnable. Discounts may apply for bulk and other product matters as well as matching and other options.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review