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Store Polices

*** In using, accessing, and purchasing from this website, or providing information, users agree the provisions noted below, including those outlined in our Terms of Service Policy, Free Shipping Exceptions, Logistics Policy, Returns Policy, Shipping Policy, or other applicable provisions and Policies, which we may post on our site, incorporated herewith as reference.

International Customers Before you Order
See our Shipping Polices relating to international orders.

Privacy Policy

We do not sell nor trade confidential customer information. We may use this information for transactions relating to payments, order fulfillment, collections, and for general marketing, website purposes, insurance and shipping, or other internal purposes.

When releasing customer information to third parties, not directly associated with Not Just Stones, we only do so as required and limit what information we may share including dealing with collection agencies.

Limiting information, may not be the case in the event of law enforcement or legal requests which may compel us to release all available customer information that we may have on file.

We do not trade nor sell customer information to outside email or marketing lists without permission. We respect privacy and information is secure with us. In the unlikely event for any breach, not authorized (hacking etc), we will contact you as soon as practical, once we become aware of it, including providing you, to the best of our abilities, information as to what if any, information, that may have been breached in the process.

You agree to hold us harmless for breaches of information that is not within our immediate control (hacking or otherwise.).
For example, if we release information to a vendor, shipper, or collection agency, among others, and they take it upon themselves, without our approval, to sell or use that information, except for the intended purpose, such as selling information to a marketing firm, then we of course, have no control over that.

Rest assured, we care about privacy and are a reputable company with industry standard security protocols to protect information. And we make it a point to deal with reputable sources as well. Doing so, we only release what information is required when dealing with these sources; and solely for the purpose of the transaction involved.

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Other Copyrights and Trademarks or images, logos and otherwise; may be Copyright or Trademarks and slogans of  Not Just Stones, & Diwaya Humanitarian News Non-Profit Corporation, where applicable, or  are copyright or trademark owned by  their respective owners; as well as any third-party links that you may encounter. This is not limited to Stuller®, Rio Grande®, Swarovski®, Wikipedia®, and others.  We make note, if we are aware, where images or otherwise are part of the public domain. This may include but not limited to photos, other images, videos, or otherwise, that we may use.

Please inquire before you use any Photos or otherwise and also refer to our our Terms of Service Policy for more information regarding the content and use of this Website, Not Just Stones.  "Quality and Affordable Elegance you can count on!"®.  Thank you!

Policies - Use of Glass Filled Rubies and Lab Created Rubies
We do not use Glass Filled Stones in Rings

In the gemstone world, many natural stones, particularly Rubies, contain extreme problems, fractures (cracks) and otherwise. Ruby is just one that this applies to but is very prominent when it comes to having problems. As such, in order to come up with a gemstone suitable for jewelry, it is not uncommon today that natural stones are filled with substance and heated to bring out more color.

These substances are stated to add more strength and durability to the stone. And this may very well be the case; however, we also fully understand the underlying problems of these stones and have created this Policy for the protection of our buying consumers when it comes to “glass filled” rubies.

These substances can vary and it is common in today's world, due to refraction and durability properties, to use glass for filling. Even so, at times they are so heavily filled, that it would be questionable if the Ruby is actually still a Ruby.

In some cases, there is doubt as to whether the stone really is a Ruby. It may contain next to no corundum in the actual stone. This is not uncommon and they should be avoided for most uses. Certain underlying factors in this process will show through testing, internal bubbles which may not be common in natural stones. Many of these stones look “cloudy” as well. This is due to the glass filling in these stones.

Testing these stones, will generally show these bubbles from the glass that has been used to fill the fractures. As well, colorful rainbows may be visible along the fracture lines giving more indication that this process has been used. This is not going to be common in Natural stones which have not undergone this process.

Though many will sell these stones from Thailand and other places, and many do not see a problem with this method; we do. Reputable jewelers may even consider it unethical to even use these stones in most instances, as certain issues can arise when it comes to these glass filled Rubies. And primarily the way they may be cleaned and how they can be damaged by simple things such as lemon or lime juice. Acidic substances and chemicals; even household bleaches and cleaning agents.

Keep in mind, once they are damaged, the Rubies CANNOT be repaired.

After problems occur, you may be able to see pockmarks in the stones. Indentations if you will. The acid or other substances in such case; even from simple lemon juice, is “eating” away at the stone. Depending on the amount of glass used, will depend on how much potential damage is caused. They all look nice until that happens.

To avoid these issues, we do not sell Glass Filled Rubies that have been made into Rings. We may however, use them in such items as Necklaces and Earrings, but the chances of them being destroyed by simple things as lemon juice is not as great as they are not generally in direct contact with the substance. One still has to care for them.

A ring for example would be more susceptible when eating, and of course cleaning, where chemicals are being used, that could very easily get on these products. As noted, even simple lemon juice or household bleaches, can be a problem for these stones.

In all cases, where it comes to using these stones, some of them which are very beautiful, and quite red, we will disclose the process when known.
And in all cases where they have been used in products, we do not suggest cleaning them with anything except what we note in the items description.

That being a mild dish detergent (Blue Dawn is recommended) that does not contain bleaches or dying agents. And using a Soft Toothbrush to more thoroughly clean the item.
Do not use normal Jewelry cleaners or solvents, steam cleaning, chemicals, ultra-sonic, etc. as they may cause issues. And if using tarnish removers, be especially careful when cleaning to not touch the gemstones or cover them up when doing so to protect them from potential damage.

To sum it up, we do not sell to our knowledge (regardless of how much glass filling may be present) any Glass Filled Jewelry rings that may potentially be damaged. We may however, use these stones in other items such as pendants and earrings. Items that we feel, are less likely to become damaged by simple chemicals and acids like lemon or lime juice.

One should otherwise avoid these stones (Glass filled Rubies) except as we have noted. You will see them for sale many times at reasonable pricing. But buyer beware of the potential for problems. You may be disappointed later if you are not aware of the potential for problems that these stones may have. We have only listed the more common ones.

Photography and Product Images

Except for lighting and product props, used for photography purposes, we do not otherwise enhance photos. We try to give you the best photo based on what the product looks like and do not enhance it for color or otherwise. Equally we may use photos provided from Vendors and other sources.

As monitors, tablets, cell phones and otherwise, may vary for color, contrast and otherwise, we suggest you use the items description to rely on when viewing the photo. Many times we will make notes if we believe there are differences, subtle or otherwise, between what the product looks like in the photo, versus what you may see with the human eye naked (without magnification etc.).

Rest assured, in most cases, products, jewelry, diamonds, gemstones or otherwise, are far better looking in person and contain more brilliant colors than what most cameras may capture.

In some cases, we just use a standard cell phone camera for photos. And do not enhance the photos once taken except as noted.

Keep in mind, many product images may be larger than what they are in person. This is true for gemstones and otherwise to give the best picture and details for the product. As such, keep in mind the description when looking to buy any product, jewelry, gemstone, or otherwise. The description, along with the photo, will give you a better and proper understanding of what you are buying as well as the sizes etc.

Gemstone and Diamond Sizes and Weights – Calibrations

Remember when it comes to gemstones there are 25.40 mm to one Inch. Please keep this in mind when purchasing. This will give you the best information available for products being sold so that you can avoid problems.

When it comes to Gemstones, we generally list in Calibration sizes and may use notes such as: All sizes and weights are approximate.

Such as 5.0mm. However the gemstone may actually be 4.75mm or 4.71mm and otherwise. This is what is known as calibration and unless we note otherwise, this is what is listed under our products when we give out descriptions.

For more information see our Article under our Education Links, “Calibrated Gemstone Education.”

Unless we note otherwise, and give exact sizes, and weights, Gemstone sizes and Weights will be listed as approximate but will generally fall within Calibrated ranges and weights, noted previously.

For example, a 4.97mm Pearl may be listed as 5mm or a 5.30mm listed as 5mm. This is generally within calibrated ranges (4.97mm-5.30mm though it can vary slightly). At times if larger stones are used, the actual size or weights may vary.

For Example, we use a 5.4mm stone in a 5mm Setting and it fits.

We may list the size as 5mm or 5.5mm in such cases which are again within calibrated ranges. We will generally give the benefit to the doubt in doing so.

For example, a 5.35mm may be listed as 5mm or as it generally falls in the mid-range for normal calibrated size ranges.

In many cases, a setting will not fit a larger stone so the stone included should be within the calibrated weight and sizes of the setting, though slight minor +/- differences can be the case.

If we sell a parcel for example, or what is known as a “lot” of gemstones, we will estimate the weight as closely as possible. If we list for example, 5 Carats, keep in mind that this estimated will be as close as possible given our equipment.

For example, the Weight may be 4.70 Carats etc. or 5.30 carats which is within calibrated weight ranges. In such case, we may list the parcel or lot as 5 Carats.

In all cases we do our best to estimate the weight based on calibrated weights. And +/- differences, to actual weights, if any, may be slight.

Gemstone and Diamond Maps – Security

Not Just Stones employs security measures, as do our vendors to what is known as mapping a Gemstones, Diamonds and other products including Pearls, Opals, and otherwise. This means the internal information of the Gemstone or Diamond, along with the external is cataloged for all known inclusions, issues, colors, and flaws and otherwise.

This is done using high-powered microscopes and other equipment, and in many cases, a picture is taken at the time. Weights, sizes, and other relevant information is cataloged as well. To prevent this you may receive the Products with Security Seals. Tampering with or removing the security measures that we may attach for products or packages, will void all returns.

These security procedures prevent fraudulent matters from taken place on returns or otherwise. If we suspect fraud or tampering with (returned a gemstone or piece of jewelry and it did not contain the gemstone or diamond that was sent), we will contact suppliers and necessary authorities to resolve.

In such cases, criminal matters and charges, may be pursued. Do not attempt to change-out or replace any stones or otherwise. We may not only refuse the return, but also turn the attempted fraudulent activity over to the authorities for further resolution which may, as noted, include criminal matters being levied against a customer.

Cancellation of Orders by Customers

This section is also part of our Returns Policy which is Incorporated herewith as reference. Go here for our Returns Policy.

As we sell precious metals bullion and other products depending on spot and other pricing, as well as having to keep with Production and Shipping Cut-off times and otherwise, orders once placed with Not Just Stones may not be canceled by customers.

For orders in which we are waiting on payment, we will hold aside any products until such payment is made. We allow a maximum of 7 days for payment to be received from US customers and 10 from international ones. We will re-list products after this time.

All failures to follow up on on orders as agreed could result in monetary damages recoverable by Not Just Stones, and may include, legal and or collection fees.

Many items purchased by customers will generally be shipped within 24-48 hours of clearing a payment (and upon complete cleared satisfaction of all amounts owed by the customer) and may only take a few days to arrive.

Production will begin once cleared funds are received.

Many parcels will ship the same day funds clear, while others may be delayed pending production or otherwise. For such reasons, as Products enter production and shipping stages upon payment fulfillment, there are not any cancellations.

If we expect an order to take longer to ship, as noted in our Policies, customers are advised when the order is placed in the Product Description.

For insurance and fraud purposes; in most cases, delivery carriers are instructed to request a signature upon delivery. And any customer waiver of security and/or signatures, or failure to claim a package in a timely manner, may be a basis for denial of insurance coverage if any.

Cancellation of Orders by Not Just Stones, before dispatch (shipping) to a customer

This section is also part of our Returns Policy which is Incorporated herewith as reference. Go here for our Returns Policy.

Not Just Stones, at it's discretion (and without providing reasons), may cancel any order, or any part thereof, before it is dispatched. Sometimes we do this to prevent fraudulent orders or when our Fraud Department has advised us to do so. We may override this decision, based on our relationship with a customer but in general we will not.

Product cancellation may also be due to low stock or issues we were not aware of at the time. Vendor issues and otherwise.

If an order has already been been paid for, once the order or portion of the order, is canceled, the payment source will be credited for the canceled amount, or a refund given within the terms of our policies, as soon as practical thereafter.

Paid Shipping or other matters, taxes, etc. that were paid at the time, for the items or order that has been canceled, will be refunded on orders or parts thereof, canceled by Not Just Stones.

Not Just Stones is under no obligation to give reason, in any cases where it is necessary for us to cancel an order, or for any part thereof.

In cases where there is a stock issue, an oversight on stock, limitation on stock etc. we will notify a client and attempt to offer a suitable replacement at our greater in value; in lieu of a Refund.

Customer payments by Checks, Money Orders, or other

Once you have placed an order, and have elected to pay by Check, Money Order, or other forms of offline payment, including Bank Draft, Bank Deposit or otherwise, and have received instructions from us, on how to make your payment, we will hold items for no more than 7 total days (US customers (All customers except those within the 50 United States, US Possessions and Territories, APO, FPO and DPO)); to receive the payment.

And 10 days for all others including, international customers. If an international customer does need more time, or anyone would need more time, email us at NotJustStones@Gmail.Com and we will do our best to work with you.

If we have not received payment in the time noted, unless you have made arrangements with us; we will re-list unpaid items on our website. If they are available after we receive payment, at the same price, etc., including shipping, or other, then we will fulfill the order. If not, we will inform you of the issue. We will, keep items re-listed until decisions are finalized. We will contact you by Email in such cases.

Unless you have contacted us and made notes; we make no guarantee that items will be available, or item prices will be the same after the time noted; and we may cancel the order at any time, prior to receiving the payment in accordance with our cancellation policy . See Section:
Cancellation of Orders by Not Just Stones, before dispatch (shipping) to a customer. Keep in mind that Metals fluctuate all the time; so please ensure your payment is not delayed.

Sales Taxes and other Charges

We only collect sales taxes or other charges we are required to. In many cases, this is only going to be shipments that are going to be for addresses in Idaho. As such Not Just Stones is not responsible for the collection of taxes beyond that and if your state imposes an Import Use Tax or has initiated other such policies for out-of-state purchases, it will the customers responsibility to pay such taxes or charges assessed.

In no case will Not Just Stones be responsible for their payment; unless we collected them from you at checkout. It will be up the customer in such cases, to report and pay necessary taxes or other charges, for any out-of-state purchases.

In other cases, where may be required to withhold sales or other taxes on a customer, will be in cases where it will apply according to the Courts decision in Wayfair.
See, South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., 585 U.S. ___ (2018). 138 S. Ct. 2080; 201 L. Ed. 2d. 403 See also, South Dakota v Wayfair (Wikipedia – New Window).

Bullion Metal Taxes & Sales to Idaho Customers

Keep in mind that the Internal Revenue Code (I.R.C.) and Government Taxing Agencies, may levy Capital Gains on such items. Contact a financial or accounting adviser concerning your particular situation when investing in or purchasing bullion metals such as Gold Bars, Coins, Rounds and otherwise.

As for Sales Taxes, many States, like I
daho, does not require the collection of Sales Tax on Bullion Metal sales at present time. This is of course subject to change.

Keeping the above in mind, be advised that our site does not allow us to “
not” Collect Idaho Sales taxes and this is site wide.  In the instance that you are charged Idaho Sales Taxes on Bullion Metal Orders, we will refund taxes paid, to you. You can also avoid this by contacting us directly by email for your metal orders. Please see the link below or email us at NotJustStones@Gmail.Com.

Reporting to Government Agencies
Sales and bullion Metal Orders

We will comply with all reporting requirements that are provided under law. In most cases however, we will not report sales or otherwise as we are not required to do so. Should it become necessary, generally in some cases where orders for Metals are over $10,000 etc. we are required to file reports.

This is not the case in most instances for the majority of customers. We do not release sensitive information and do not except under the requirements of the law for which we may be bound. In such cases, we are not under obligation to inform a customer when this is done.

For more information concerning reporting requirements that we may be bound by, please feel free to contact a qualified legal adviser as to your rights and our obligations under the law.

Not Just Stones does not provide customers with legal or financial advice.

Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability Regarding Gemstone and Mineral, Laboratory Grading or other similar Reports offered by Not Just Stones or other outside 3RD parties; not limited to Value Estimates, Appraisals or otherwise.

A Grading Report (“Report”) or other reports that we offer, either completed by Not Just Stones or through an independent 3RD party; such as GIA and others, is an independent opinion regarding the quality of a gemstone or other product that it may refer to.

While such Reports may be based upon quantifiable standards, and industry acceptable methods; a certain level of subjectivity is always inherent in the process. Moreover, standards are not always uniform. Accordingly, Not Just Stones transmittal, use of, sales of, or creation of, any such Report should not and does not imply Not Just Stones agreement with or endorsement thereof unless the report has been created by Not Just Stones.

And in such case, where Not Just Stones prepared the Report, be it known that such report is an estimate only and may not always be in line with, or reflect others opinion about the product being sold or offered to a customer. Not Just Stones, does, within it's limitation, take precautions in preparing such reports but does not guarantee nor warrant nor does it imply, hat any errors or omissions may not be present or are inherent with said report and/or document(s) created.



Compliance with Legal Requests and Law Enforcement

To the best of our ability, Not Just Stones complies with legal requests for information, including subpoenas and otherwise. For security reasons, we do not respond to telephonic requests for information.

For legal information requests, please submit requests to the following address:

NJS Legal
1310 S Vista Ave Ste 27
Boise ID 83705

*** End Store Policies – Effective Immediately ***